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Funding for Psychological Services

Our services are also covered by many extended health benefits that you may receive through your employer.  We encourage you to contact your benefit provider or human resources department directly. In most circumstances, we do not bill providers directly. Instead we ask you to pay via e-transfer, cash or cheque and seek reimbursement from your benefit provider with the receipt provided. 

Please note, therapy services provided by a Psychologist and/ Registered Social Worker can be claimed under medical expenses on your taxes.

There are a number of sources for full or partial funding of psychological services. Funding sources include:

  • Workplace Safety and insurance Board (WSIB) coverage for victims of workplace accidents, injuries, or traumatic events
  • Employee extended health benefit plan
  • Blue Cross Medavie coverage for members and veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces
  • Non Insured Native Health Benefits (NIHB)
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation Board for Ontario victims of crime
  • Services are also available to self-pay patients who are not covered by insurance agency funding